The Empyreal Fold

The Empyreal Fold is a collection of fiction stories written (and in progress) that detail the events of a catastrophic prophecy that takes place in a sector of the Andromeda Galaxy. Along this journey, you meet all the important characters and explore all the important plot lines before the final battle the the creature from the prophecy: The Withian.

You can start reading the series free on Inkitt and Wattpad, or you can purchase it on Amazon Kindle. Happy reading! Please be aware that I am open to comments and reviews.

The Empyreal Fold: Yuontorie Origins (November 2021)

Nearly 75 years after the prophecy was revealed to the Empyreal Fold, Yuontorie is fighting to recover all that was lost.


Jana mourns the sudden departure of her father, who left under mysterious pretenses, and awaits transport to complete the Froxe Trials. Meanwhile Elder Tiovez prepares for Jana's arrival in Palondia while trying to keep the attacks in and around Palondia Manor from the civilians roaming and visiting the manor.

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The Empyreal Fold: Trigaira Origins (Coming 2022)