Lesson from Characters 3, 4, and 5

I decided that it may be better to keep track of these practice characters by character instead of by day. Again, I do not plan for this challenge to be for a. consecutive 30 days, but I do hope to complete the challenge with 30 characters.

Lessons From These Characters

Create a Base Character

If you have a specific topology style that works for you and your character, do not make the work harder on yourself. Create a base model. Again, do not make the work harder on yourself.

I've learned that there are a few pieces of the body that I am not able to create at all, such as the hands and feet. For such things, it is good to source models and model segments from sites like CGTrader and TurboSquid. I box modeled this base model and attached a pair of hands and feet I found on CGTrader.

Take Advice from Topology Lessons

Sometimes box modeling is not all you can do. There are certain parts, such as creases and bendable areas that need specific topology that is not captured with box modeling. It is important to watch videos about topology and get a better understanding of edge flow as a whole.

Here is a video that I thought did a really good job explaining edge flow. It's by OnMars3D on Youtube

Keep Trying!

Whatever you do; whether you destroy your model or think it completely sucks keep going. My 3D is not all the way there yet, but I definitely see major improvements from when I started to now. It's all about figuring out your process and being consistent in creating on a regular basis. One would not expect a pro-athlete to step out on the field and dominate without any practice. Do not expect the same of yourself. It's a pressure you don't want on your shoulders.

Practice. Practice. And practice again.

See my Instagram CG Highlights for snippets of Characters 3 through 5.

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