Day #7: Aurarie Prison

Updated: May 27, 2019

Leah stared out the window at the high-rises in the night sky. She cannot remember how long it had been since she last saw the skyline. Five, maybe ten years.

She was never allowed past the courtyard and its walls were so tall, not even the guards could see the skyline on the top floor. She wanted to be sad for them. After all, they did not ask for this lifestyle. A person asks to be a guard, but they do not expect to be given a taser, a nightstick, a uniform, and a life sentence along with the prisoners.

Since it was the highest maximum-security prison in all of Aurarie, the guards had to be onsite at all times. They ate, slept, and bathed as the prisoners did. Albeit, their food tasted much more edible.

Junie was Leah’s favorite guard. He always snuck her favorite snack to her at lights out, ice cream. He was the only person that reassured her that humanity was once a thing.

She had been framed for murder and treason of multiple counts. And the next day, was the day they were going to put her under the prison with a live burial. It was the worst punishment for a fairy. They protected the lands the people roamed on. So, the prison ruled that the ultimate punishment for them was to be taken out by the thing they loved and protected most… the earth that gave all life.

Junie believed in and fought for her innocence unlike those that called themselves her family. They stopped coming to see her when the evidence started looking worse and worse. She did not know how she could convince them that it was not her. And because of that, they walked out on the last day of her trial with no intent to return.

The only thing she thought to do was yell to her sister, who was the last to leave, “If you turn your back on me, you will be turning you’re back on all fairies. I will remember this. And when I am buried, the lands will know of your betrayal and turn against you.”

Her sister scoffed and turned away, brushing it off as ‘dramatic’.

But Leah never forgot that moment. It happened ten years ago, but every time she thought about it, it felt like the day before.

No fairy had been convicted of such heinous crimes since magic returned to the Aurarie kingdom. If the rumors were true, she only hoped that someone could prove her innocence before the lands sought revenge.

As she sat staring out the window at what would be her last good memory, she only thought of one person she wanted to keep safe, Junie.

He appeared at the door as she thought of him. “It’s time.” His head hung low and his back hunched over.

Behind him was another guard. He held chains and a head brace with thorns sticking through it. “She has this coming to her,” he nudged Junie.

Junie held his hands out for the chains. “I will take her,” he offered, but the other guard was hesitant. “I am walking her down.” He snatched the chains from the guard and motioned for Leah to put her hands out.

She let him put the cuffs on and followed him down to the lowest level with no hesitation. She trusted him and thought that if anyone should put her in the ground, it was him.

He laid her into the cold, soggy ground and clasped the chains to the hooks drilled into the hole. “I won’t fight, Junie. You believed my innocence and for that, I am eternally indebted to you. But you should leave.”

He knew there was nothing he could say to change anything. So, he left her with a kiss on her forehead and immediately packed his things and then left forever.

Aurarie Prison by Shara Mayo


The prompt and character descriptions for Day 7 are as followed:

· 650 words

· Magical Realism

· Main Character

- An ice cream addict

- Leah Just

- Smooth skin

- Frosted red tip and red hair

- Doe-eyed eyes

- Paunchy body build

- Quiet personality

- Scared of the color blue

· Props: a window

· Sentence within story: “I will remember this.”

· Bonus: My character is imprisoned


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