Day #4: World Behind Glass

I come here every Wednesday in my black trench coat and bowler hat. The most crowded place in town. No one knows me, but I know all of them.

I want to tell them everything about me. Even the forbidden things. But I cannot. They deserve more than me. ‘A compulsive liar with a tortured soul,’ the previous town described me. I left when they stopped listening. I needed someone to listen. I know how to save them, but my time on this Earth is not long. So, I take another shot and hope that the zesty bartender might listen.

World Behind Glass by Shara D


The prompt and character descriptions for Day 4 are as followed:

· 100 words

· Science fiction

· Main Character

- A liar

- Merlin Yasuda

- 48

- Extremely tall

- Tanned skin

- Braided and black hair

- Absented-eyed eyes

- Compact body build

- Vain personality

- Abused

· Props: a bowler hat

· Sentence within story: “everyone keeps ignoring me”

Bonus: My character has a world-changing idea


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