Day #3: Dreams Come True

Virgil jolted out of his slumber at the memory of the play. His eyes slowly adjusted to the brightness of the room, but he did not know where he was until he heard the steady beeps of the heart monitor. A concussion he remembered the doctor saying.

That was it. The end of his career. His fourth concussion in the past two seasons.

Before the accident, he wanted nothing more than to hang up his helmet and travel the world. But he never thought he would face something as unimaginable as never playing football again. He supposed this was his karma. He made a wish and it came true. Of course, it was not in the way he thought it would play out, but now he has this opportunity.

One week after his discharge, he found himself buying a ticket. It was the perfect timing, and nothing would stop him.

Dreams Come True by Shara D


The prompt and character descriptions for Day 1 are as followed:

· 150 words

· Adventure

· Main Character

- Football player

- Virgil Zent

- 37

- Average height

- Glowing skin

- Hi-top and straw hair

- Shiny eyes

- Heavy-set body build

- Grumpy personality

- Wants to discover the world

· Props: a syringe

· Sentence within story: “Shut up.”

Bonus: There is a great storm


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