Day #2: Into the Unknown

The prompt and character descriptions for Day 2 is as followed:

· 500 words

· Children’s Story (Child Friendly Story)

· Main Character:

- an archeologist

- Grady Jasmine

- 41

- Pale skin

- Smiling eyes

- Gaunt body build

- Narcissistic personality

- Amish

· Props: A rowing boat

· Sentence within story: “I’m sorry”

· Bonus: My character has lost someone dear


Created by Shara D

Grady Jasmine - the country kook, they called her – sat by the beach staring out at the horizon. The sun slowly crawls from the top of the sky. She had been going out there for months.

She started when her daughter, Gwendolyn, told her that the way of the Amish was not the way she wanted to live. An outsider got stranded here for a few days. And within that time, the outsider introduced cell phones, the internet, and cars to Gwendolyn. She thought it was the most magnificent thing she had ever seen.

Grady was very disappointed. Unfortunately, she also knew that Gwendolyn would take any opposition as an offense, so she opted to stay quiet. Maybe the outsider will say something to make Gwendolyn change her mind,Grady often thought. Maybe she is just intrigued by the strange culture.

Once upon a time, she also thought that the things they learned about the outside world may have been a bit questionable. She secretly envied her daughter for the way spoke up for what she believed in. So, she let her daughter continue seeing the outsider. She held her tongue when she saw the outsider teaching her daughter something new. She never thought Gwendolyn’s intentions would go past curiosity.

The water crawled toward her one wave and ripple after the other. She went there to reflect on the decisions she made. Rather, the decisions she did not make.

She watched the sun as it kissed the surface of the horizon, and then looked around for any onlookers. No one was around that she could see, so she rose, dusting the sand off her pants.

Her eyes landed on the unnatural looking sand-dune haphazardly covered with verbena. She walked over and stuck her hands into the dune and pulled as hard as she could. Out popped a handmade boat.

When much of the sand and verbena were cleared away, she kneeled beside the boat smiling. Orange specs reflected off her smiling, green eyes. Bumps crawled along her pale arms as the chilling air whipped around her. Her already gaunt face sucked in in an attempt to conserve warmth.

Gwendolyn’s sense of adventure did not come from nowhere. Grady taught her that when opportunity comes knocking to open the door.

For Grady, there was nothing more important than her beliefs and her daughter. She often thought about going after Gwendolyn, but in that moment, she thought about what she said before she left, “I know that you want the best for me. But all I want is to know more about the world. To see and know what other lifestyles are offered. I am sorry, but I must do this.” And with that, she got in the outsider’s car and rode away into the darkness of the night.

In that instant, she knew that the only thing to make her daughter proud would be to follow her own adventure. Grady was still very anti-modern world. She wanted God to lead her to her first destination.

So, she packed the stashed perishables into the boat, pushed the boat into the sea, and jumped into it as it started its course into the unknown. Much like her daughter, she was excited to see what else the world had to offer. She was excited to take in all the knowledge she would gain on her adventures.


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