Day 2: 3D Modeling & Animation Challenge

Introducing T'Aleen (t-a-leen)

T'Aleen Wireframe
Alien T'Aleen

T'Aleen was Sunday's project. He is another addition to this new alien family I didn't know I was going to create.

Yes, his ears are a bit far back on his large head, but dude got the sauce, okay?

New Methods

I found that 1. that smooth vertices technique is magic on box modeled characters, and 2. there are so many ways that you can use accurate topology on a character.

Around the stomach, chest, knees, elbows, etc., I used inseting and extruding for that extra umph with the geometry. But overall, there was not a lot of new methods used. I did, however, discover a bit more about the lips and eyes that I can't wait to explore with later characters.

Take a peek at the creation process later today (May 16, 2022) at 3:30 PM EST on my twitch.

Videos I Used

Check out BlendFam's explanation on Youtube about "How to box model a cartoon character in blender" for more on box modeling. It is a great walkthrough of how to create a cartoon head in Blender.

BlendFam on YouTube

For this project, this was the other video I used as a reference. If you find this video useful too, I linked the creator's Youtube page, so you can subscribe to their content.

Until next time!

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