Day #10: Magic Miscreants

Updated: May 30, 2019

Alexandria, Alex as her friends called her, sat in front of the camera and LED lights surrounding her. She stared into the camera for minutes. She heard the clicking of the rusty fridges in the other room, then the walls started closing in all around her. In no time, those minutes turned into hours.

A small vibrating filled the room. It was her phone reminding her of the schedule she needed to keep if anything she had done would stick. She knew what she wanted to say. She even wrote a script for herself. It wasn’t guilt. Or fear of being hunted down. Or even empathy for those who were harmed. She had stage fright, to say the least. The lights made her nervous, like something would to backfire.

The red light blinked out as she stopped the recording. She skimmed over her script again. “Responsibility… Team of miscreants… Elaborate… Hidden magic…” She nodded, confirming every word she wrote as she mumbled through the script.

Sandy stormed in and slammed a bag of chains down. It echoed through the space and put a lot of stress on the table it landed on. “Thanks for nothing, Alex!”

Without looking up from her script, Alex said, “What are you babbling about now?” She was not in the mood for Sandy at the moment. She needed to get the video out by the end of the day.

“You told me that he would be there. I waited out there for six hours!” Alex let out a little snicker. “This isn’t funny. He could be the end of us, and we just started.”

Alex spun around in the chair. “If you don’t trust me, you can leave. If not, VITAE.” Sandy looked around her frightened as her feet gradually lifted from the ground. “I cannot have you going around spreading nasty rumors. So, nod once if you trust me.” Instead, she sobbed as she got higher and higher off the ground. “Truly, there’s only one right answer.”

Sandy continued to sob and added a nod once her head touched the ceiling of the warehouse. “I trust you!” Her body dropped gently to the ground as if she was being pushed by strong winds beneath her.

Alex turned back to the camera. “Good. Now, go clean yourself up. I have a video to record.” The red light flared on as she pressed the record button.

green hooded figure with colorful, fiery pentagram in place of face
Magic Miscreants by Shara Mayo (edited stock images)


The prompt and character descriptions for day 10 are as followed:

· 400 words

· Fantasy

· Main Character

- A ruthless murderer

- Alexandria Laveck

- 35

- Tanned skin

- Straight, red hair

- Friendly eyes

- Gaunt body build

- Moody personality

- YouTube Star

· Props: a fridge

· Sentence within story: “Thanks for nothing.”

Bonus: Civilization has come to an end


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