Day #1: The Lady in the Train

The prompt and character descriptions for Day #1 are as followed:

· 850 words

· #magicalrealism

· Main Character:

- Robin Allison Bene

- an obedient slave

- 48

- very short

- scarred skin

- wavy & blond hair

- eyes look like gateways to the soul

- perfect body build

- outgoing personality

- allergic to peanuts

· Props: A whistle

· Sentence Within Story: “How do you feel?”

· Bonus: my character is dying


The train whistle pierced Robin’s ears as it came to a screeching stop in front of the platform. Every four months the Lady of the house went somewhere. And upon her return, she requested a dozen Spider Mums. It was usually a duty for her right hand, Robin, but this year she wanted Benny to pick them up.

It was always Robin’s job to pick up the Lady’s flowers when she returned from a trip. “It’s going to take a little more than Parkinson’s to keep me from my duties,” she conceded. Benny knew better than to argue with her, so he turned back to the stove to stir the simmering soup.

She had worked for the Lady for almost seven years before she started experiencing symptoms of the illness. The Lady, however, was very concerned with Robin’s illness and insisted that she not push herself.

Of course, Robin did not listen. She wanted to believe that her body could handle it. She begged the Lady to keep her on as her right hand. The Lady agreed, but not without conditions. Robin had to be completely honest with the tasks she could handle, and the Lady agreed to not ask more of her than she could handle.

Her clutch on the flowers became tighter with each person that exited the train. This Lady was the nicest Lady she had ever worked for. She supposed that was because she was a spinster. The Lady was still quite young, but also much too old to be married.

Robin used to ponder if that was the reason for the thirdly trips. If the Lady was looking for love. It was a foreign concept to their culture. Women who found love often lost their husbands after they were given a child. Husbands/fathers of true love were sent into the Bewitched forest that their village is surrounded by. And the elders in the community thought of nothing truer than love made of free will. She knew that the Lady would never put someone in danger under those circumstances.

Though she never knew the reason behind the trips, she definitely did know how bored she was during her absence. Other than the other workers, the Lady lived alone in her big home. And since the workers cleaned after themselves, Robin had nothing to do except water the house flowers. The Lady cut her workload by less than half six months prior.

She knew she should be a bit more appreciative of the time off and the lighter workload, but she genuinely enjoyed assisting the Lady.

A gentleman brushed against her shoulder. “Excuse you,” she scoffed. “That’s not the way you treat a lady, sir.” He continued to scurry away from her.

She clutched the flowers tighter and closer to her chest as a warm breeze slapped her hair around her face. The man disappeared into the almost non-existent crowd. She pressed her toes to make her taller as she looked for the man. He was just gone.

The rustling of the paper around the flowers brought her back to reality. Her hands began shaking again. She took her medicine before she left, but the shaking seemed to continually get stronger with every second that passed. A searing pain shot through her skull and down her spine in an instant. And then, everything stopped. At least the shaking stopped, she thought to herself. Her eyelids drooped until they met each other in the middle.

It felt like the world had stopped around her. She could not even hear the large clock that sat on top of the train station. She felt calm and at ease. She felt like the only person in the room. In the world.

Her eyes snapped open almost rhythmically at the sound of the Lady’s voice. “Robin.”

It sounded like a muffled scream. However, when she opened her eyes, she was standing face to face with the man who bumped into her only moments ago. “How do you feel?”

Robin stared at him confused. “How do I feel? Oh, you mean since you bumped into me?” She tried to pull her eyes away from this admittedly enchanting man, but her eyes were stuck. She was forced to stare into his haunting, dark eyes as he was forced to stare into hers that could have told anyone what was going on within her soul.

She heard a whisper of something through the air. Maybe Latin. “Dimiterre eos.” It carried with the wind as it slapped her hair around.

The man forcefully ripped his hand from Robin’s arm, causing her body to jerk. He stared behind her with dread, and then turned and ran. This time he did not disappear. Instead, his body dissolved as he ran through the train station’s brick wall, leaving a shadow of him.

She heard the Lady’s calming voice behind her. “All is well as this body is given back to the Earth it was born from.”

Robin turned to locate the voice but was not ready to see her body disappearing into ground similar to the man and the wall. The Lady holds her finger to her mouth and shushes Robin as she stands and adjusts her dress. “Come now, love. We have much to tend to.”


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