Day 1: 3D Modeling & Animation Challenge

Alien Marzo

Character Modeling

This character is called Alien Marzo. (My sister helped me with the name). He is one of the first character's I have made since switching from Sculpting and Retopology to Box Modeling.

I admit. Sculpting and then using retopology to remake the character in smaller quads is the most (let's say) accurate method in character modeling. However, I found myself working on characters for over 26 hours with that method, and that does not even include Animation, Texturing, or Rendering.

Upon searching for faster methods for retopology I found an alternative method to Character Modeling altogether. Apparently, people go in with a simple cube and use it to create cartoon characters. It is probably not the best method for more realistic, human-based modeling, but I'm not ruling anything out yet.

So far, box modeling is definitely my preferred method, as it takes less than 5 hours for me to create a character.

I still have work to go, here's to a first working attempt.

Character Animation

Alien Marzo is walking a bit heavy. One would think he is a giant, but he is simply heavy footed. Marzo is equipped with a walking cycle.

I would love to have cleaner animations. This one is a lot better than some I have done, but there is still work to be done. Yesterday, I found a trick that helps with the animation. It's a function, called Linear that gives your animation more of a Linear transition between keyframes, instead of the default Bezier transition.

Did the animation work? Yes.

Could it use improvement? Yes.

Am I upset with the outcome? No.

Practice makes improvement. I'm not aiming for perfection. I'm glad I got the character made, and I'm glad I was brave enough to share it and the story of creating it.

Wireframe Image of Rigged Alien Marzo
Alien Marzo Wireframe

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