Blender 2.8 Download

Many of you may have already downloaded the new official (non-BETA) 2.8 release in early July 2019. I've been meaning to get around to it, but ended up being busy for a while.

Now, I only started using Blender around mid-late 2018 with 2.79. I'm still a relatively new user. But the quality of the UI/UX updates I saw… 😍. It was literally one of the most beautiful 3D programs ever opened. Might be because I like darker themes or what. It is one thing to hear from other people that something has changed. It's like you believe them and you see the pictures, but then you open the program and it is better than what was explained and exhibited.

When I first opened 2.8, everything kind of hit me at once and overwhelmed me. Everything was on the right side of the screen like, "Hey, we're not where you're used to. Come find us." So, if you do decide to download 2.8, definitely set aside time to get used to the interface.

I just want to briefly mention the pros and cons:



- Smoother Realtime Visuals

- Faster and Less Intensive Render Engine


- Takes Time to Learn New Interface

- Even if You Import Old Blender Add-Ons from the Version You Had Before the Update, You Have to Re-Download Certain Add-Ons, Like ManuelBastioni Lab and Screencast Keys.

- More Complicated to Split Screen (have to right click every time instead of handy drag tabs)

This is only from about an hour and a half of using the new program. The Pros and Cons are about half and half, but the Pros severely outweigh the Cons. I have not gotten into the graphics or video aspects yet, but once I do, I will definitely write another post.

Blender 2.8 takes some getting used to from the previous version(s). But once you get it, it will feel like a completely different experience.

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