30 Day Short Story Challenge

We all have at least one moment in our lives when we've experienced the dreadful Writer's Block. It is the scariest thing for a writer. Heck, I'll bet it's the scariest thing for anyone that has something they want to write, but cannot find the words to do it. Maybe it's a song. Maybe it's a book report. Maybe it's a name or a journal entry.

It's not only the most terrifying thing, but also the most annoying. Can you imagine knowing exactly what you want to say to someone and cannot speak them vocally? (I'm like that when it comes to people I'm crushing on, but that's a story for another time ;).)

What do you do when you reach this annoyingly scary time for writing? Do you pull your earphones out and do a jig? Or do you take a walk around town to see what's ne

w? Do you go on a vacation to see things you've never seen before? Or do you sit in a crowded café?

Whatever it is that you do, it helps you get the job done. I, however, have not found anything specific that works for me. So, in order to free myself of this wretched affliction, I have decided to do a 30 Short Story Challenge. 30 randomized prompts and character descriptions over 30 days. If I can do this and find the words to continue this story I've been stuck on for a while, then I'll be golden. If not… I don't really know any words to tell you.

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