30 Day 3D Modeling & Animation Challenge

When I first started my website in 2019, I kicked it off with a 30 Day Writing Challenge, where I could upload custom designs as the short story cover. It was an excellent exercise for writing and a great way to get practice in for designing.

This year, I am doing a 30 Day 3D Modeling & Animation Challenge, where I must upload 30 days worth of modeling and animation content. I encourage you to join me.

This 30 days does not have to be consecutive, like most 30 day challenges. Pick 30 days out of 2022 to design something just for practice and post about. Tell how things have changed since you first started creating. Describe things that you want to do different that you are in the works of learning.

My focus for my 30 Day Challenge is on Character Modeling and smoother Animations. I think with more focused practice, I can better showcase the things I can do, as well as the things that I am willing to learn. As I go through this challenge and other challenges, I encourage you to make suggestions, ask questions, and even get involved doing your own version of the challenge.

This is a website for my portfolio, but I'm aiming for my Blog to be a Community, where you are welcome to post your own achievements and goals (posts must be approved).

Please feel welcome to comment if you have any questions or suggestions. You are also welcome to reach out to me through the Contact section of the website.

Happy Modeling and Animating !

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