Shara Mayo | Vibrant strange


Who am I? What do I do? And why do I do it?

Simply put, I am a versatile creative storyteller. I use different mediums of art (film, photos, 3D models & animation, etc) to convey an emotion and/or tell a story.


My interest in creating stories started with the many short stories I would write as a child, in addition to 'Scary Movie Saturdays' with my older sister. I loved writing so much I found time to do it everyday until one day I came to the realization that was something I wanted to do throughout my lifetime, not just as a hobby. It wasn't long before I was taking classes in theater and joining Yearbook/Journalism classes to see where this ambition fascination in entertainment would take me. Shockingly, it took me right to film school, where I could learn to create and work on multiple styles of video projects. In 2019, I got my B.S. in Digital Cinematography. By this time, I had a bit of knowledge with writing, photography, videography, and other forms of filmmaking, but there were still some versions of artistic expression that I could not express, which led me down a 3D Modeling & Animation rabbit hole for a while, where I discovered and learned, at least, the basics of the processes in 3D Modeling & Animation. I'm not a professional yet. That's why I have decided to make my quiet hopes and dreams into public ambitions.

Current and Future Work?


Currently, I am seeking work on video projects, work with amazing creative people, and to continue learning and growing as an artist. I have experience writing scripts, working various crew positions, editing videos, and more. I would like very much to gain more experience as a 3D Modeler & Animator, Video Editor, Director, and Writer. If you would like to know more about my role in some of the projects I have been a part of or created, I encourage you to take a look at my film resume embedded below, or check out the sections under PORTFOLIO.

If you would like to collaborate or book a service, you can go to the CONTACT page and send me a message. Let me know what kind of project you are doing and what service I can offer (how I can help) to bring the project to its completion.


You can find some of my available services under SERVICES. Once you submit the inquiry, I will be in contact with you within 24-48 hours and send you an estimate for the service, as well as to discuss further details. There is also an option to hire me on Upwork and Fiverr, which is a secure website for freelancers and clients to do business together.


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